Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Family Picnic at Glamorgan Kindergarten

It was a perfect evening for our annual Christmas Picnic celebration and so wonderful to see so many of our families come along with their picnic blankets and food, to celebrate the end of a another great year and of course the Christmas season.


 Santa  and his Elf arrived and greeted everyone and was almost swamped by the children.

Lucky that Santa is used to being so admired and he greeted shook hands and said hello to al the excited children as he slowly made his way inside.

Delfina gave Santa hi five....

Everyone gathered inside for some carol singing by the children and present giving.

Oh, there's something about that Santa!

I saw Chrissy kissing Santa Claus, underneath the mistletoe last night..... ;)



It was so great to see such a wonderful turnout of our families for our Christmas Picnic at Glamorgan Kindergarten.
Thank you everyone for your participation, contribution and support during this year.
Also we would like to acknowledge  and thank our wonderful parents of the committee for all their voluntary hard work and fundraising this year.  It is very much appreciated by us all.
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe, relaxing and happy New Year!
We look forward to seeing you all in 2014

Monday, 9 December 2013

Browns Bay Christmas Parade 2013

The Brown's Bay Christmas Parade is a not to be missed annual event that represents the coming together of a diverse community. Glamorgan Kindergarten has walked in the parade for many, many years. Always fantastic to have our families join us, great to see all our past families cheering for us from the sidelines....The rain held off and the sun shone on our parade! (Chrissy)
PS Pictures not necessarily in the correct order of the day. Put this down to the quirkiness of the blog site..
The  Douglas family with "Noodle" the chocolate lab. 

Emma and fairy Lila
The Xu family: Weiling, Deliang and Fei.
Neke and Ellie looking lovely in their matching headbands.
The Richards Family keeping cool under the trees.
Karen, Chrissy and Dale. What a fabulous hat Karen! Sorry you could not join us Leanne-we missed you.

Lee with Lucas . We noticed that Lucas loved the crowds. What a star!
A few of the other participants in the parade-yummy.

Later on we stopped to look at the parade.
Pirates ahoy
Santa, at last!
Dale, Matilda and Chrissy having a sit down before the walk.

 Gathering for the parade

Waiting for Santa
Lachlan was the canniest lolly finder.

Oliver, Grace, Lachlan and dad
Ollie has aged...O, he is Santa's assistant  of course
Mitchell, Hayley and Ryan
Cherryl and Finley

Ethan, Lisa and Kayla

Keira, Donna and Sienna

Ant, Acacia, Gaylene, Marshall and Sabian -all looking very festive