Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Still going strong on Puppets!

Often after a 2 week term break, we sometimes find an interest might die down and end or the children will eventually start on other kinds of investigations.... but this is not the case with our the interest in Puppets... in fact at the start of term 4 the Puppets interest is as strong as ever!

Mitchell has combined natural resources (Papatuanuku), collage materials and the hot glue gun to construct his wonderful puppet, and then come back the very next day to make a second puppet!   

Keira is very proud of her puppet, and after finishing it, she and Ryan  used their puppets to talk to each other...  Such a lot of fun!

 Ryan then decided to go over to puppet theatre and put on a little private show for one.... his Mum. 

Boston  and Liam are both hard at work creating their own puppets

Daniel worked very quickly on his puppet and also...  

Dayne and Kane quickly made a puppet each.
What's the hurry?

... because this trio of boys wanted to put on a private puppet show...

Who was this special show for?

Daniel's Mum, Nic was the privileged special audience of one!! 

Aww.... Your so lucky Nic.

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