Our Philosophy

Glamorgan Kindergarten Teaching Philosophy

We believe that children are citizens who are part of our community and as such have the right to a welcoming, safe, stimulating, affirming and challenging environment that enables them to develop at their own pace.
We believe the curriculum we offer, which is based on the Principles of Te Whaariki, the Early Childhood Curriculum and current research, allows us to cater for children's interests, needs, abilities and strengths while acknowledging the individuality of each child.
We believe that children are inherently capable, competent beings and we aim to empower and encourage them to take responsibility for their own actions, feelings and learning on the journey to becoming independent, resilient and resourceful learners.
We recognise the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi - Te Tiriti o Waitangi and commit ourselves to its principles by acknowledging New Zealand's bi-cultural heritage throughout our programme.
We also believe that people of all backgrounds and cultures will be welcome, accepted and respected in our environment,
We believe that parents and whanau are an integral part of the kindergarten's life and that our programme should reflect the rich and diverse make-up of the community.
We believe in the importance of planning which is based around noticing, recognising and responding, reviewing of practise, and the role of the environment in children's learning and development. 
We believe that on-going professional development, both personal and team is essential to support and extend our teaching practices.

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