Friday, 24 October 2014

Pyjama Day

Friday 24th November presented an interesting sight at Glamorgan Kindergarten - most of us were in our PJ's!!
And what an amazing assortment of pyjama's there were....but it didn't stop the usual Kindergarten activities.

Ellie reading
While others listen to a favourite story

 Zac and Chrissy tackle a puzzle...
 ...while Jaihe and Molly create a Lego house
 Abigail and Molly come to help too

Matilda joins brother Tim and James in the sandpit

Declan has a turn on the ipad

Tobias, Cooper and Liam with the magnets

Abigail creating...
 ....and Grace

Olli having morning tea
Even Tim (Matilda's younger brother) had a 'whale of a time'

Maya on the monkey bars....
 Toby joins in...
 ...and so does Grace

Toby moves to the climbing frame
 and Maya to the planks
 and so does Grace and Toby.
 Olli loves to swing

 So does Marshall

 and Cameo

 Matilda too

Seriah can push herself

Abigail pushes her 'bush baby'...

...Liam helps her

Toby likes to swing too.

Zoe walking her baby

Matilda, Tobias and Maya have a conversation

 Tobias finishes his child minding and hands back the baby to Zoe

Adele and Jayden work together to rotate the swing

James tells me a story
Oscar fixes the plank... the children can continue to climb.
 Eva and Kiera
 Zac in his dinosaur pj's
Oscar and Marissa
Nicky with Seriah, Tiana and Acacia

Now for a game of 'Cool Cats' - Tobias has us turning

Chrissy has us gently moving

Adele has lovely dance moves

Jayden twirls

 Marshall swings his rake

Acacia pats her head... does Jayden

Molly swirls

 and so does Hayley.

Zac on the swing
 Puzzles are always a favourite - Marshall completes a Thomas puzzle.

Tiana and Acacia engage in dramatic dress and play

Cooper, Liam, Tobias on the ipad

Juan and Nicholas exploring with their Junior Engineering creations


Ciara in the 'Wild Area' on the balancing ropes

Eva and Kiera enjoy time together over kai

And of course, a game of 'Duck, Duck, Goose'

Ellie dances to the beat of her own drum

Summer creating a high tower

 and playing with the magnets.

Oscar in the sandpit...

...and Adele

Declan sharing his creation with Ciara

 Even some Mum's joined in the fun....

even a Poppa!

and of course the teachers....Leanne and Alison in their 'onsies'
The full team - Alison, Leanne, Karen, Chrissy, Nicky and Molly
Documented by Karen



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