Sunday, 1 February 2015

Summer under the sprinkler!

It is certainly a lovely hot Summer and what better way to keep cool than playing games under the sprinkler at Kindy.

Our new sprinkler is a big hit... it has a very tall and wide reach... 
great for reviving our dry grass and fun for our children to run through. 

Tiana and Jake run up and down, through and around the sprinkler while a small group of children watch and wait to gather up the confidence to take the plunge into the cool water!

Ellie doesn't hesitate to get straight into the sprinkler!

Zac loves the sprinkler.

Tiana and Ellie share the water.

Frankie joins in the fun in the water

The children develop a game to run around the track to follow the spray jets as they move up and down the track. Lila and Maya are enjoying the fun.

The sprinkler will be on everyday for as long as the warm weather continues... so don't forget to pack swimming togs and named towel in a plastic bag so that everyone can join in and keep cool this summer! 

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