Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ukelele Players


We bet you never knew how talented the Glamorgan Team of teachers were!

We have all signed up to learn how to play the ukulele and now we are taking lessons from a young gentleman ,Panduka Samarasinghe (pictured in the middle) who is patiently teaching us a few chords every few weeks.

Even Dan our landscape builder (who can actually play ukulele very well) came to join in and also joined in on our mat time.   

Please press play on the video below:
Please let us know if you are unable to view the videos

 Your children supported the teachers beautifully with their superb singing of the wheels on the bus.
The next video is the Kindergarten rendition of Ma is White:
 The children have really enjoyed singing along to music being played

We loved having Dan as our guest ukulele player (more of an expert actually)
 Today the children sat with Suzi and Sarah (our student teacher) and played along with various instruments. 
 Suzi accompanied them with the ukelele

Music is a wonderful experience that children love to participate in.  It is expressive and fun and can communicate lots of meanings, expressing ideas and feeling through beats, tones and sounds and also encourage understanding of tempo, playing loudly, softly, fast and slow.   It builds confidence and self esteem and most of all... its FUN!!!


  1. Fantastic seeing all the fun with the ukeleles and other instruments! Go Glamorgan Kindergarten teachers and Dan too! Unfortunately I couldn't view the videos but would love to see them if possible. Thanks for the updates via the blog - excellent idea.

  2. So cool to see teachers and kids interacting with music and instruments.