Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Adult Learners

What is this? That was the question that was posed to the teachers as the children looked through their magnifying at the Monarch caterpillar hanging from the brach of the swan plant. Everyone then took a closer look and we all could see little brown and black creatures crawling up the stems. Wow. Does anyone know what they are was asked and luckily one of the teachers knew that they were little creatures called aphids. However as time went on we (the teachers0 realised that we did not know very much about these little creatures so Karen booted up her computer and we all croweded around to see what we could find on Google. Isn't technology great. We found out a lot about aphids and everyone felt very pleased with themselves. Also the children could see that the teachers involved, Karen, Sarah and Dale, were learning alongside of them and were very excited about the knowledge they were gaining showing pride in using their learning powers.

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