Tuesday, 14 May 2013

We love our wonderful new playground!!

This is the second week on term 2 and aside from a few days of full on rain, we have been able to fully enjoy exploring our new playground. We feel so privileged to have such a beautiful environment for the children to play and explore in. The sun is shining and it has inspired children in different ways: The long pipes have come out for racing cars down. This has been so much fun. What happens when your car gets stuck? How do you get it out again? The boys have had to use their problem solving skills to retrieve their cars. We have had some lovely little tea parties happening in the tree house. Anyone for sand flavoured cup cakes and muddy green tea? Our new slide is a big hit!! ... and some of our children even had a go at rock climbing up and over our rocky water fall. Even our resident rabbit Sparkle is thrilled with his new enclosure. Now he is able to run free during the day and he gets put in his cage at the end of the day. Sparkle has also discovered how tasty the beans are that are growing in our vegetable garden. He is trying to hide so we can't see him but we know he's there, can you spot him? We are so looking forward to our official opening on Saturday the 18th - 11 am till 1 pm. We hope you can come along and enjoy the festivities. See you there!

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