Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Kindergarten I Pad

We are now the proud owner of an I Pad for use at kindergarten. During the holiday break of the first term Dale and her daughter Felicity loaded on some appropriate apps for the children to access. These were apps that provided extension of maths, language and literature (interactive books), some science, drawing and book making apps plus a few games such as Angry Birds. Some of the children have already discovered this and it has proved very popular with us being able to identify some experts that the other less confident children can seek out for help. Among these are Destin, Ben and Nathan who all know their way around the I Pad which is great for the teachers as some are more proficient than others. I am a real beginner and willing to learn from the children while Leanne is already an I Pad user of some skill. Lucky her. We can already see some great uses for this special piece of technology especially around the book writing app which allows the children to publish their own stories almost immediately - that is if we can work out how to connect to the printer. A job for our very able administrator - Louise with the assistance of her special man Nick. The photos here show Destin at work. Written by Dale .

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