Sunday, 11 August 2013

Cold and wet weather at kindergarten

Monday 12th August 2013

The wet and windy weather that we experienced to-day at kindergarten provided great opportunities to link what the children could see and experience with some of our Maori legends around Rangi - the sky father and Tawhirimatea - the guardian of the wind.
Last term the children had been very interested in the story 'In the beginning' by Peter Gossage so it was pleasing to see so many recalling what they knew and bringing the story to life. the children were fascinated by the strength of Tawhirimatea as he blew in the rain clouds and set their ribbons dancing and there was great excitement when Rangi sent down a shower of hail stones letting us know his power.
(Written by Dale)

Wind and shadows is what it is all about.

Lets not get our trousers wet.
Hands on exploratiion

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