Thursday, 5 September 2013

A week at Kindergarten

A week at Kindergarten... what's been happening?

There is a lot of creative thinking, idea exchange, inventing, construction and creativity going on in the art corner:

Finlay demonstrates to the girls how to draw your idea first then use the dye to colour your picture.  Fantastic example of peer tutoring happening right here! 
Great to have your expertise Finlay!

Daniel requested to do a candle wax picture just like the one he did last week with Dale, then he spent ages embellishing his beautiful picture with a rainbow of colours.  Daniel was so proud of his work that when it is dry, he wants to put it in his portfolio.  What a good idea!  Stunning work Daniel !

This trio of friends, Mitchell, Keira and Ryan are frequent visitors to the hot glue gun table.
Mitchell and Ryan are very experienced with hot glue construction, but Keira is new to this activity.
But she is learning fast...

Wow, Just look at this wonderful creation (below).  A lovely arrangement of feathers, fabric leaves and beautiful little shells, created by Keira. 

Thomas helped his big brother build the most enormous tower.  It was a very strong and sturdy design and the boys stood proudly as a picture was taken.  Then block by block the tower was carefully unpacked and put away very tidily again.  What fantastic construction...  Well done boys! 

You will always see Ryan busy in the art corner constructing with boxes and this week is no exception. Ryan can find a use for all types and sizes boxes - sometimes it is a bit of a trial and error experience, but he is a dab hand at using the hotglue gun and cellotape to make things connect together.  We are always amazed to see what ideas Ryan will come up with next.

Lachlan and Daniel draw aliens  with lots of eyes alongside each other.
Lachlan is such an active outdoors boy, so its lovely to see him exploring his creative side at the art table.  Its always fun with friends.

 Making Hand Puppets

Ben and Amani exchange ideas on how to create a hand puppet
Amani is sharing her view point with Ben on how legs should be added with cut out cardboard. 

 Here are some other wonderful examples of children's work creating puppets

Elijah made his monster puppet with 4 eyes and 2 noses!
On the left, Ruby shows me her finished puppet, but then thinks of something else she would like to add (picture right)  Now it is finished! says Ruby

Ciara demonstrates intense concentration as she quietly and independently on her puppet 
Mason makes his "Puss in Boots" puppet.
As well as puppet making, some children have enjoyed using finger puppets story telling and puppet nursery rhymes.
Keira and Toby enjoy the finger puppets

Nursery Rhymes have been a consistent interest happening and children are finding lots of ways to learn and sign along to them.
This week we have learnt, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush and Hickory Dickory Dock

Twelve children were given numbers from 1 to 12 to put on the clock as the mouse (Kane) ran up the clock each time the clock struck on the o'clock.  This nursery rhymes has given us lovely opportunity to support numeracy recognition in both English and te reo. 

What's happening outside this week?

Between sunny and rainy weather and cold weather blasts, there has been some wonderful learning experiences for the children.
Working with clay:

Children have been working on skills such as rolling balls and snakes and applying skills into making pinch pots and coil pots.

Sand play:
Baron and Oscar start out playing separately and then as they discover they have a similar interest, they begin to move more closely together and play more co-operatively.
The ever-popular Wrigglers!:
There are never enough wrigglers to go around, but Lucas, Reece, Finn and Elijah worked it out... doubling up, turn-taking and sharing!  A great solution for a problem demonstrated these boys... what fun! 

Our Sun-bathing Sparkle:
A group of children noticed Sparkle sun bathing in the wild area. They are very good at respecting his need to have a run around and then when he gets tired, Sparkle lays down in the garden and sun-bathes.  The children play around him and then stop to chat to him, and he just lays there and enjoys the attention.  Sometimes Sparkle will come close for a little pat... and sometimes not.  We all notice that Sparkle is a much happier bunny when he has a little freedom to exercise and when he has had enough freedom, he hops back into his own cage for some to eat and a little security.   



It has been a very busy week at kindergarten, and this is only a very brief snapshot of our week.

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