Sunday, 1 December 2013

The teachers have been collecting the minature shopping items from a major supermarket chain. We created a makeshift supermarket and wondered how the children would use this area. Owing to popularity, we purchased some mini shopping baskets and have made the items available every day. The children have been coming along for almost three weeks now to play in the supermarket. Although there have been some attempts to sample the wares inside the packaging, (how disappointing that must be to discover air and/or polystyrene...)and a few repairs to be made, on the whole, the mini groceries are surviving. 
Reece was a regular shopper.

Lucas, Joshua and Amani 
Delphina and Juan put all their wares behind the counter. Children had to ask for their chosen item.

Grace, Sadie, Seraiah and Amani

Sadie was good at restoring some order when everyone wanted to have a turn at being the checkout person. She delegated roles: "You be the packer", she said.

What we have noticed: 
Some children are regulars.
Some children have got the checkout procedure perfectly-even using "beep" or "pips" to scan.
Some children prefer the old world way-the grocer behind the counter asking his/ her customer what they need and then putting the item in the basket. Very quaint.
Grace and Liam examine their shopping items.

Riley and Mitchell 

The dialogue and sound effects were very interesting and we noticed that conversations between customer and check out operator were sustained for quite some time. Riley and Mitchell interchanged roles so that each had a turn at being a buyer and seller. The coveted role seemed to be the person behind the counter though ....
Riley: What do you want to buy today? Milk?
Mitchell: And some water. And some yoghurt. And some ice-cream.
Riley: How much?
Mitchell: Just one
Riley: Now what?
Mitchell: Chocolate
Riley: How much?
Mitchell: Just one.
Riley: No you can have more than one. You need some nappies as well?
Mitchell: Just two packets of chips. And some eggs.
Riley: And what else? 
Mitchell: That's enough.And some coffee
Ryan: How much?...............

Beep, beep, beep.

Toby and Ethan join the queue

Chrissy,November 2013

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