Monday, 9 December 2013

Performing with Marionette puppets

Performing with Marionette Puppets

Its amazing how the children's enthusiasm for Puppet making has continued for this length of time, however there are so many types of Puppets to explore that it just seems to re-ignite the passion again.

We started the week by reading the old favourite story of Pinocchio who is probably the most famous Marionette puppet of all.  He had so many adventures which also led to some interest group discussion about making good choices.  The children became aware that some of Pinocchio's choices were not good ones and that led him into trouble.  After lunch some lucky children were able to watch the movie of Pinocchio.

Then it was on with the creating....


Boston spend ages designing and decorating his puppet, then carefully adding his strings to the control handle...

... and now he is the Puppet Master

Amani trys out her own marionette puppet
Reece has been hard at work making his puppet with very long strings, and then practise practise with his dancing puppet

Elyh is a very active boy who always loves to be on the go, but making a marionette puppet has inspired him to take some time to be creative and have a go at making a puppet

Elyh really enjoyed being creative  - good on you for having a go!

Mason is a frequent visitor to the creative area and this is just one of many puppets that he has made.  Building these creative skills has enabled Mason to work almost independently.
Finley also has very competent skills but he chose to make a marionette puppet with 4 strings and attached them to each arm and leg.... just like Pinocchio

Toby and Ethan had a little practise with Dale's Marionette clowns made from wood.  These boys were great puppet masters, but you have to be careful that the strings don't get tangled!

This is only a few of the children who were involved. There have been many other children who were very keen puppet crafters and performers.


Insey Winsey Spider puppets

The children were encouraged to think of their favourite nursery rhyme to make their puppets and perform with them

It takes a lot of courage to perform with puppets in front of an expectant audience, but our audience were good patient and respectful listeners who showed their appreciation with applause at the end.  And our puppet masters gained an understanding of the complexity needed to operate their puppets, using hand-eye co-ordination and listening for the right moments to move and then be still.
We are so proud of everyone's contribution, their resourcefulness and creativity, their perseverance and determination when challenges popped up, and peer tutoring and collaboration ... those who shared their skills with their friends.
Documented by Leanne

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