Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Miracle happens at Kindergarten....

Today we witnessed a miracle!  One of our butterflies hatched.....I noticed a very minute split at the bottom of our chrysalis which had turned from black to transparent....

... It took a lot of patience as one cannot hurry nature, but it was an opportunity to discuss the process.

The children surrounded the swan plant, craning their neck to see creation in motion.

What a wonder to behold....

       Cameo is really excited about the new arrival

 Olli tells us about his caterpillars at home

 Madison marvelling at the show

 Madison and Tayla share the magnifying glass to get a better view

Reece made links through one of our wonderful resource books.


Toby quietly checks the butterfly's progress.
Later in the day, the butterfly was released but not before checking to see if it was a boy or girl - it had a small dark spot on each back wing, that makes is a boy!

Documented by Karen                                                                        25th February 2014


  1. How lovely to watch this miracle happen at Glamorgan Kindergarten! It is lovely to see how the children are so interested in the caterpillars and how they transform into their chrysalis's and then emerge as beautiful butterflies. Thank you for providing such a stimulating environment for our children. I sat at the art table the other day while lots of children created beautiful butterflies and it was lovely watching and hearing the conversation as they decorated their paper. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your comment Morag. We appreciate hearing from a parents view point.