Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Butterfly Creek

The rain didn’t dampen our fun and learning at Butterfly Creek! 
We had so much to see and explore! 
Butterflies of course was our main focus where we could see such beautiful varieties of butterflies flying, sucking up nectar from flowers and fruit and experience their warm humid environment.  Some of us were lucky enough to have a butterfly land on us!  

Delfina reaches to touch a butterfly.

Ciara watches intently as the butterflies flutter by...

Boston and Liam spot a beauty

Ryan  and his Mum Morag and Keira watch the butterflies suckling nectar from fruit. 

Ethan and his Mum Lisa

Elyh is so lucky to hold a butterfly which creeps onto his hand after resting on a persons bag!

Isabella with her beautiful butterfly dress... perfect for attracting other butterflys

Jiahe waits patiently with her hand out... you never know, one butterfly just might be tempted to land there.

Grace and her Mum get up close for a look

The biggest specimen, the Owl butterfly with its big eye-like spots that warn would-be predators away. 

This butterfly must love Ellie's orange tights because it rested there for what seemed like ages.

Such a happy trio - Izzy, Tayla and Lace

Elyh with his hat at the ready and Elijah waits patiently


Eeny meeny miny mo...Which little hand will I land on? says the butterfly 

What a lucky  moment for Katrina!
There was also some amazing insects and spiders to investigate.

Tarantula ... and a lego tarantula to keep him company

The biggest insect we have ever seen!

The Weta battle

A defensive Weta

Seraiah and the giant insect
But that’s not all… there is so much more… Buttermilk farm where we could pet the farm animals,


The friendly goats

mmm... I'm not sure this parrot was very friendly, best to keep a safe distance we think

Liam loves the tractor

An awesome mouse enclosure!

Erin takes a closer look

A mother hen and her chicks

Crocodiles and Alligators from a safe distance...

Whoa! that's one huge crocodile !

The boys check out the baby crocs

 Tamarind monkeys… aw how cute where they?


But the big surprise was visiting the new Dinosaur Exploration area..
Everyones favourite dinosaur... Tyrannosaurus Rex


Marshall and Gaylene enjoy the train ride

 Liam loves and dinosaurs roaring, Delfina is not so sure

Are we in Jurassic Park?

Thank goodness these dinosaurs are only models!

Olli, up close and personal with dinosaurs

Watch out behind you! There's a velociraptor!

A dinosaur smile!
It was such a great trip with so much to see and discover and made all the more enjoyable by such a great group of children and parent helpers. Thank you to all who came along with us.

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