Monday, 12 May 2014

The drums take hold.....

Over the last couple of weeks we have had many impromptu child driven music 'jam' sessions. 
It usually starts with two or three children randomly playing instruments – generally  drum directed. 
These photos are Mason, Boston and Deliang back on May the 5th.

Today, it was Elijah, Kiera and Mitchell with a range of instruments assembled  - an assortment of drums, tamborines, wood music boxes and bean bags!


Elijah called out, “Karen, can you put on some music”. 

We have some awesome African music with fantastic drumming and a soul-hitting beat (Lua Afo and Lakilua) which I put on and it really stirred us all up!

Mason and Liam came and joined in with drums and wood music boxes.

Ryan grabbed some shakers and really got into the swing of it…

…he couldn’t contain himself anymore and moved over to turn out a tune on the piano – with his feet and kumu still moving to the beat!

Kiera dropped her drumsticks and joined with some dance – and shook her booty


Mason discarded the drum and grabbed a couple of shakers and shook himself silly.


Naomi stood on the edge of the mat with her little bottom wiggling to the beat. 

With many other children coming to watch the commotion as Elijah increased the volume several times until the captivating music was heard for miles.
Even the teachers were gripped and moving with the soul stirring music.
What a delight!
Music is such a wonderful tool for learning.   Social and emotional skills are developed that are essential for life - like  responses and relating to others. Using different instruments and moving to the rhythm improves children's gross and fine motor skills. In our Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whariki it states that children discover and develop different ways to be creative and expressive and they understand that music can amuse, delight and excite them - this certainly happened today.
Documented by Karen

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