Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Labour of Love: Mother's Day, May 2014

At our kindergarten, we weave literacy into our programme in meaningful and functional ways. Mothers' Day, provides a wonderful opportunity to write a message to mum, to express love and appreciation.We had pink handmade paper available for the children to draw on. We also had coloured pens, stickers, sparkles and gem stones.We wrote some messages on strips of paper so that the children could write a message to mum.

The joy of writing: "I can do an "H" and I can buckle my safety belt", said Henry.

Rixon made several cards for mum, returning to the art table again and again over the week. He especially enjoyed giving children stickers to embellish their cards-a self chosen role...

Ruby, with her distinctive, detailed drawings. Chrissy's coffee, gone cold as usual...

Some early cards, drying and waiting for a written message.
Emily, using the stickers in a creative way...

Seraiah, Giani and Amani
 Abigail, made a card for mum and ouma: "My grandma lives in the bush. She's called ouma"
Grace, an indendent worker. "I know how to do that", she said. 
By encouraging children to use literacy purposefully,we believe they will see themselves as "writers" who can use the symbols of print to convey a message and communicate meaningfully.
Reece, very switched on to literacy at the moment.He made three cards over three days. A print rich environment enables children to tap into a variety of resources.
Ellie happy to watch while Lila writes her message. Isabella putting the finishing touches on the packet for mum's card.

Juani: picked up a purple felt pen to write his message but put it back. "Purple is a girl colour", he said. I reminded him that mum was a girl. "Ok, it can be a girl colour...", he said.

Liam draws a rainbow for mum. 
Ruby, on her second card. Annabelle in the process of creating her elaborate card for mum.
Isobel with one of many cards and gifts for mum.
Hayley and Ciara in the process of writing their messages.
 Mitchell getting started on his message. Writing involves multiple processes: finding a place to start, forming shapes, following a sequence, working from left to right, leaving spaces between words... We scaffold children's efforts by talking them through the process and using the same terminology that will be used by the primary school.
Grace,Ruby,Isobel,Lila, Mitchell, Tayla

 Lucia and Mason

 "That's my number", said Reece.

Molly: "I can do it. I can..."

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.

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