Monday, 18 August 2014

Frozen whips up a snow storm at Kindergarten!

 The interest in Frozen has whipped up a snowstorm at Kindergarten with the popular music playing over and over and groups of children appearing from nowhere to join in the singing and dancing. 

It all began with  Izzy and Annabelle (who have moved up to school) and Ruby,

As soon as the movie Frozen came out at the theatres we started to hear girls singing choruses of the song ‘Let it go’ around the kindergarten. We were very impressed with some wonderful singing particularly from Ruby, Izzy and Annabel and we were frequently serenaded by them with the chorus from the movie.  The three girls found some long flowing shimmery voile material and danced around the kindergarten and on many occasions the girls would stand together with arms wide open singing their hearts out with such dramatic exuberance in their expressions and dance movements. 
And now the craze has continued with our children belting out the four most popular songs at the tops of their lungs... you cant help but join in!

                                                            Isabella and James in a duet



The Teachers are all discussing what learning is happening here and what is it that has given this current interest the rise that it has had?  Is it the joy of being a performer, an actor or a singer? Or is it the music?
Hayley and Isabella role play their favourite characters 
 Hayley and Isabella with their shimmering capes act out the parts of Elsa and Anna

Hayley plays Anna "Do you want to play?
Isabella plays Elsa, "Stay away! I'm trying to protect you!"
Hayley dances away just as Anna would in the movie.
The music very is dramatic. It changes the mood and therefore is a guide into the complexities of emotions. Combining the dress up, music, dance and drama, you cannot help but be drawn into the feelings within this story.  The children are learning about sadness, excitement, love, kindness and happiness.  These are opportunities for us as teachers to support their understanding about what is happening for Anna and Elsa and how to build the language skills and resilience to cope with these feelings.
Karen is really getting it the swing of things - Tobias (left) not so much
But most of all we just want to enjoy it, feel it, and dance…!

Interestingly, a few of the boys have really enjoyed the music, but in a different way....

Who let the dogs out?

Our boys have also had their musical interest, but with a few less dramatics and more instruments
Boston is quite the drummer with a very good rhythm and he is often joined by Zane, Solomon and Zac

James frequently asks for the Bob the Builder music and just loves singing along as he watches the stereo

Documented by Leanne


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