Sunday, 17 August 2014

The new Screen Printing table arrives.......

Friday 15th August.

Today there was much excitement at Kindergarten!

A big truck pulled up outside the gate, a man opened up the back and lifted a very large article up onto his shoulders.  We were impressed with his strength!
In the gate he came like the Pied Piper with a group of enthusiastic children dancing around him, "What is it?"  "What have you got?"
He came inside and placed the item down.

 Yay! it was our new Screen Printing table.

The children were eager to unwrap it so we set to work.

We used our 'team work' to pull off all the plastic.... reveal a fabulous work station!
We look forward to the children creating many more wonderful prints
 on our new table.
Monday 18th - 19th August
The new screen print table is in full many children have visited it and demonstrated their independence in using a much more child-friendly table.
Jaihe is a keen screen printer...

Tobias's first screen print ....

"This is for Mum"

Jayden LOVES screen printing - and has become a very competent printer

So has Ellie...

You may have noticed a 'Frozen' theme creeping in!

Lace is an avid printer and embellisher

As she returned to create her third print for the day she had an audience...

Lucia claiming the next spot to do a print
Lucia at work....and play!

Now Graces' turn....

...and back for a second print....
(now here's a girl who is full of life and loves to play)


Left alone Grace painted up to her elbows and announced "Princess Elsa's gloves!"
(cleaning off Princess Elsa's gloves)...
Screen printing is so much fun and allows children to express themselves in a creative way.

Wednesday 20th August

Ciara starts her day with a print.
Henry is an avid printer
He knows the steps well.  First, he writes his name on the back of the paper

and follows the steps through to completion.
Boston created a new print....

...and embellished an old.

Zane observed Boston and was eager to follow suit...

James made a print, "this is for my Mum"

Then of course, there is the embellishing....
designing and gluing.... completion.
Documented by Karen

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