Thursday, 11 September 2014

Favourite Mans Night was Fantastic!!

We had such a fantastic turnout to our Favourite Mans Night!
Not only did we have lots and lots of Dads, but we had a lot of favourite Grandfathers as well!

It was wonderful to meet up with the favourite men who we don't see so often because of their work commitments and this social occasion enabled our dads to socialise and connect with each other too.

The children were able to share their favourite activities with their Dads and spend one on one time playing  and enjoying being together.

The family corner was a popular place for Dads to play  ...
Molly and her dad Todd reading her portfolio
Seth with his dad, Louis 

Ellie builds in the block corner with her Dad Matt and her Pa (Grandfather) John.

Henry and his Dad Luke solve tricky puzzles and read stories

Nicholas and his dad Jonathon

Rixon with his dad Hayden

Zane and his Dad Daniel

Julius with his Grandad and his dad Allan who arrived just in time!

Cousins Matilda and Erin share their creative skills with Matilda's Dad Marco

Rixon and Hayden love the junior engineer 

Oscar and his Dad Rob, working on the junior engineer construction set

Sisters Tayla and Eva who both attend kindergarten shared their grandfather for favourite mans night

Ethan shows his dad Mike how to draw with charcoal

Toby with his Dad Aidan

Erin and her Dad Clinton,  Tayla helps with a block tower!

Olli and his Dad Etienne

Julius with his Grandfather, and James with his his Dad Jester, sharing the train track

Finley and his dad Tony and Seth with his Dad Louis
Mikayla with her Dad Justin and her grandfather 

Chloe and her Dad Martin

 Ciara and Declan proudly share their portfolios with their Dad

Rixon and his Dad Hayden

 Cooper, his Dad Peter and his grandfather spent time making this absolutely fabulous helicopter together.  The instructions are very complicated but it seemed to be no problem for Cooper and his family.  Construction and building must run in the family! 

Ethan and his Dad, enjoy the construction activities

Matilda and her Dad Marco at the Lego table

Chloe with her Dad, Martin


Finley and his dad Tony
Logan and his Dad Stuart

James  and Ellie with their Dads

Acacia and her dad Ant

Lila shares a puzzle with her dad Matt

Lego is a popular activity for our Dads who are keen to share their construction skills


 Grace and her Dad

James and his dad Jester enjoying the creative activities
Seraiah and her dad Terrance

Everyone has their heads down and busy

Zac with his Favourite Man, his Dad Shane

Keira and her dad, Craig

Sharing Fish & Chips!

Cameo and her Dad Reuben

 Thanks to all the Dad's and Grandads who came along to spend time at our Kindergarten

Thank you to members of our committee Donna, Emma and Lisa for helping to organise the evening and serving our Fish and Chips to everyone

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