Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Investigating Ice - Curiosity & Wonder

We all know the movie Frozen, but what is the concept of Frozen really about?
A bucket of ice with layers of coloured pebbles  was created  as a provocation for the children’s exploration and thinking:
The children have been introduced to a scientific aspect of Frozen which has led to children using their senses to explore blocks of ice and an attempt at making snow. 
The children have enjoyed exploring the ice and they have developed a sense of curiosity and wonder as they watch it melt and estimating how long it will take to melt away.
The children have a sense of playfulness and being involved; touching it, picking it, and redecorating it with the pebbles picked out, using all their senses - hearing the cracking, feeling the cold and the texture, and seeing the beauty as some children look deeper into the ice and immerses their hands in the glitter…. What about tasting?  Oh yes… you cant help but want to taste it.


Lucia -    It looks like Elsa’s powers!

Matilda -  My hands are freezing!  These are like crystals

Its cracking cause its turning into water and it is slippery.
- Erin
Chloe -    It is cold when I go ice skating and skiing

Lila -       I went there too, I skiied on the ice

 Erin and Tiana see the beauty of the ice and choose to embellish the ice with the stones which are falling out once the ice is a little melted.  Some children discover it is easy to just pick the stones out to get to them quicker.

Finley -    Its not an iceburg… its an ice cake!
Tayla -    When its cold it doesn't melt and when its hot, real hot, it does melt.


Oscar -     Ice is cold… really cold, aye.


 Lets make snow!

We found a recipe for making foaming snow on the internet which supported our Frozen interest perfectly.

You can make it at home!

2/3rds can of budget shaving foam
cup of baking soda
lots of blue glitter
....just add white vinegar  and watch the magic happen

Everybody shares and takes turns at adding ingredients and stirring.
Lets just make sure we got the recipe right!

... and we may as well finish off the last of the shaving foam... the foamier, the better!!

Who can resist putting your hands in ... a little messy play!

An opportunity for more creative drawing!

 Everybody finds the joy in discovering ice and snow!
Documented by Leanne   August 2014







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