Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas @ Glamorgan Kindergarten

Christmas has certainly arrived at Kindergarten!

The tree is up....

and the children are busy making decorations.

Also, amazing screen prints are being created.
Initially, it started with a simple Christmas Tree formed by triangles layered on top of each other.

Olli found a previous print to add another colour 

He created a fabulous Christmas tree
next day he created some candy canes

Day One was green, Day Two we changed to red paint

Keira at work

Next we added more ideas - candy canes and holly so we had an array of prints appearing

Bardia has really embraced the new ideas....

...creating holly leaves

a Christmas tree

and a few others.

 Rixon made a couple too

Bardia and Rixon worked alongside each other

On his first day at Kindergarten Jake observed his big sister creating a print then made his very own

Cameo has made a simple print too

Marissa has created several prints, this one told a story...

....a house with a Christmas tree inside

                                                         Marissa adding silver glitter....

...."this is the snow"


                                                                         and another...

Grace has created at least one or two prints a day... some are embellished;
this one she painted...

                                                              ... the final product.

Another Grace masterpiece...

Grace and Darcy being watched by Keira

Now Keira creates one

                                                             Love the detail of her holly
Eva has great role models with Keira, Grace and big sister Tayla


Darcy, also new to Kindergarten has quickly mastered the process of printing and created many Christmas masterpieces

Here is one of them.

                                                Ellie has also created many, many prints

Chloe is also and enthusiastic printer



Maya found a previous print too and created a bi-colour tree

                                               Jayden assists Maya to embellish her print...

...a beautiful tree.
And Jayden makes one of her own

Delfina has made a couple as well

and of course, Lila has been busy
Logan used the oak leaves to create a holly print...

                                                               then embellished it

Wow, Logan they look just like the provocation!

Tobias also created a holly print using the oak tree leaves we made available...

Tobais is a fast worker so the embellishing was quick

The boys are busy too....


Zane has made heaps - all for his Mum

Each one gets more and more elaborate!

And James...

Ellen too is a proficient screen printer




Naomi one of our expert printers peer tutored cousin Wilbur - they worked together to create a print.

Wilbur's print

Naomi was so impressed, she decided to make a replica for herself...

Matilda took it to another level when she stated "I want to make Santa"
With encouragement she drew him, I helped her to cut her sketch out, Matilda added legs and arms ...

What a handsome Santa!  I love his pompom on his hat Matilda.

While screen printing and other creations were being made at the art table the Ephemeral table was also festive...

Molly was one of the artists

Tinsel was added at the easel by Keira, Eva and Grace


Christmas music has been enjoyed too

Singing, drumming and dancing

The girls in full flight - Jayden, Erin, Acacia, Chloe, Maya and Ellie.

Logan beating the drums

I'm sure Christmas cheer will continue for many days to come!

Documented by Karen.

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