Wednesday, 10 December 2014

When Santa got stuck up the chimney!

With our annual Christmas Family Picnic just around corner, we all know that Santa is coming to visit us at Kindergarten.  So we decided that we would build a chimney so that Santa could make his grand entrance. 

This has sparked some wonderful conversations amongst the children about how Santa comes into our houses to deliver presents. We all know that every house is different and not everyone has a chimney.  Here are just a few of the children's ideas when asked... How does Santa come in to your house to deliver presents?"

"I have a tiny little chimney.  Its a chimney like that much (holds arms out wide)" - Marissa

"I don't know how he came in our house.  I was too sleepy, but I saw foot prints in the morning and the carrots were eaten and the milk was drunken and the cookies were eaten.  He must of come in the front door"  - Liam

"No chimney... he gives presents to me and he gives presents to that girl (pointing) and he gives presents to all of the teachers" - John

"I don't (have a chimney). I might hide a key somewhere and he might find it and open up the door."  - Hayley

Everyone's house should have a chimney!" - Toby

"My house has a chimney!" (big smile, so pleased) - Ethan

"I no have a chimney.  He comes through the door.  My door is like a dark blue colour." - Delfina 

We found some big boxes and we have started painting an undercoat on the base of the chimney.

Many hands make light work!

Matilda discovered that splattering paint was really fun so we stood the cardboard upright and everyone joined in. 

 Then Alison put tape on the boxes to form the shapes of the bricks and red paint was applied.

While chimney making was in progress, we practised with a smaller box during mat-time. We sung the 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney' song and the children were able to act out the part of being Santa! 
 When Santa got stuck up the chimney, he began to shout
You boys and girls wont get any toys unless you pull me out!

My beard is black, there's soot in my sack, my nose is tickly too...

 When Santa stuck got up the chimney, atchoo, Atchoo, ATCHOO!! 

Tobias was really good at following the lines to form the shape of bricks.

There were so many different components to the chimney which needed painting, but we were never short of keen painters to apply the grey base, then the red and finally the grey bricks.

Paint can be applied in many ways... this time we used rollers which spread the paint further and everyone thought it was fun!

It took a little while to cut out and construct the chimney and the children were very keen to help with the box cellotape and best of all hop in and try it out!
Will Santa fit in our chimney?

And now to add some final touches - Stockings!!

Matilda persevered really hard on cutting and concentrated on decorating her stocking!

Delfina has made two stockings - one for her and one for Martina. She tells me she will make one for Mum and one for Dad next! 

Isn't the chimney beautiful ?
We hope Santa is really impressed!

Who can resist these three gorgeous little reindeer!

Everyone eagerly awaits Santa's visit on Friday... so keep posted for the next instalment of Santa's arrival through our chimney!
Fingers crossed he fits through it ok ;)

Documented by Leanne

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