Saturday, 13 April 2013

We say goodbye and thank you to our wonderful landscape builders, Dan, Adam and Rob

We have learnt so much from watching each stage of our playground develop and we have been very fortunate to have wonderful builders such as Dan, Rob and Adam who have worked so hard in the sweltering heat at times to get our outdoor upgrade finished. We have appreciated the time they have taken to stop and listen and answer all our questions, to engage in friendly and informative conversations with all our children. The children have witnessed such great role models hard at work, using all sorts of machinery and tools which has inspired some wonderful investigations and meaningful learning, conversation groups, detailed drawings and re-ignited interest in carpentry and other kinds of constructive activities. We had a special morning tea to show our thanks and appreciation. The children sung a special song to the tune of the wheels on the bus, with lyrics adjusted to describe our builders. "The builders at Kindy,... very hard, ...go hammer, hammer, hammer ... go saw, saw, saw ... go dig, dig, dig ... are very strong You get the idea! Unfortunately Dan was unable to attend our morning tea. Apart from being the Boss of the tradesmen, Dan was the our ukulele playing expert who often played with us and with the children. He even attended one of our mat times to play along with us all. Thanks Dan But early in term 2 we will be having an official opening of our playground which he will try to come to. All the children and their families are invited, it will be an exciting event which the committee are planning, so keep an eye out for more details to come. So... We give a huge big THANK YOU to our wonderful builders, Dan, Rob, and Adam (and of course Gin, Adam's dog) We are all going to miss having them around.


  1. Its been a fabullous learning experience for all the children and adults alike. We are all looking forward to the plantings (tonight's rain will bring that a step closer)and the opening day of the whole area. Great tolerance and goodwill and an eye firmly fixed on the end result has allowed the families and teaching team and the children to reap the benifits of a changed learning space for the summer tem. Go Glamorgan!

    1. Thanks Rosemary for your lovely comment.
      Today, (being the first day open) children were able to walk through the newly finish playground. And what do you know... Murphy's law, it buckets down with rain! Oh well, the good thing about that is our new water tank for the water feature and sandpit will be filled to the brim ready for water play and exploration. Now we can't wait for the next sunny day to experience it all in action. More photos to come!