Monday, 10 June 2013

Autumn Leaves

What better way to focus on reusing things than to provide an opportunity for children to use the marvellous leaves that are falling off trees at this time of the year.
Walking through the Northboro Park in Hauraki recently I collected some gorgeous leaves from the huge Liquidamber trees that are growing there and brought them to kindergarten for the children to use as leaf prints.

We had some fantastic discussion around the size, the shape and the colours before the children painted and then printed them onto black paper. Some children such as Finlay and Helen returned to this activity quite a few times and I know that Finlay took his first one home and put it in his garden.
What skills and dispositions (habits of mind) the children showed as they worked. They were able to listen and follow a process.  They were able to wait for a turn. They discovered interesting things such as too much paint does not make a clear print. and they were keen to try again and again showing a sense of persistence.    (Posted by Dale)
Being really interested in things is a good motivator,

A very particular painter

Working out how to keep the leaf flat.

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