Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hurrah for the wind

Our Matariki celebrations continue.

Finally after making kites as part of our Matariki celebrations Tawhirimatea - the god of wind - smiled on the children and the kites were able to lift up towards Ranginui. The children have worked really hard at their kite making but on Tuesday and Wednesday there was not enough wind so they ran around flat out to try and get them to fly. However today was totally different and we even had one kite pull loose from its mooring on the fence and fly away. There was much singing of the Mary Poppins song ' Let's go fly a kite' which Helen had lent the Kindergarten and a especially fine rendition was provided by Ava.
We also revisited the  Maori Legend 'In the beginning" to look at the illustrator Peter Gossage's depiction of Tawhirimatea.
Our thanks to our student teacher Sarah who has worked with the children at this special activity.

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