Monday, 10 June 2013

Planting out our kindergarten garden

What a pleasure it is to finally be able to plant out our garden so that we can help feed our pets and ourselves with silver beet, cabbages and celery. We did have to wait for the rain to stop but as soon as the sun shone the plants were there ready to be carefully placed in position in neat little rows. Some of the children involved in the gardening process showed that they knew what to do while others had to be led in the right direction but in the end all was well. So now we just wait, feed with worm juice from our worm bin and hopefully watch them grow.  We will also need to keep a close eye on Sparkle who has watched us plant and would dearly love the opportunity to get loose in our vege patch but Dale has threatened him with being made into bunny stew if he causes any problems.

Look at this cabbage

As well as planting out the vegetable garden we decided to provide some winter colour in the pots we had in the garage so we have planted poppies, primulas and sweet peas which we can move around the different areas providing us with spots of lovely flowers to look at.
Gardening with children is a great way to encourage them to look at ways in which they can look after our special planet while looking after their own well being. Our kindergarten has a real focus on caring for our environment and we provide many different opportunities for out children to be involved in activities that foster a sense of responsibility.

 (Posted by Dale - 11th June 13)


  1. The kids will love it when they see it growing. They will have a great feeling of achievement when the veges are ready to feed their animals and themselves too.

  2. Great seeing the children planting and helping in the garden. Your blog is a great snapshot of the fantastic activities and explorations the children are taking part in. Thank you!