Sunday, 15 June 2014

Self Portrait Screen Printing

At Kindergarten we value the process as much as the end product. Screen Printing is a great activity we  routinely provide for children to learn and  follow guidelines  - and be creative.       
This week we had a make self portraits.
It started  on Monday with children drawing themselves with pencil on an A5 size piece of paper. 

Next, they wrote their name on the back  of  a sheet of screen printing paper, 
turned it over, then created' themselves.

 Isabella drawing her people

 Finley cutting himself out

 James cutting
Most children re-drew their heads, body and limbs but for some they elected to use shapes available in the baskets.

Lace made her own person complete with dress.
Then, the printing process began....

1. Drop down the screen and squeeze out the paint (today we are using mauve)
 Emily squirts out the paint
2.  Use the 'squeegee' to spread out the paint
 Lace is a expert screen printer so spreads the paint evenly and competently. 
3.  Raise the screen, peel off the shapes and put them in the bin.
4.  Hang up print and wash hands.
Ka pai - a job well done!
Erin in full swing....

I hope Erin returns to embellish her print.
Tomorrow, (Turei 10th June) is another day and there will be children embellishing their prints and others coming to begin the process.....
Documented by Karen


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