Wednesday, 23 July 2014

More Music 'Jam' Sessions

Wednesday 23rd July

The music ‘jam’ sessions are continuing – they are still mostly beginning with ‘the boys’ playing on the drums.  They really love Queen’s “We will Rock You” and I am impressed how well they keep the beat to it.

                                                      Zane, Boston, Zac and Solomon

                                                                Boston is a natural!


Today,  other children couldn’t resist joining in as catchy tunes belted out into the environment, like "Who let the Dogs out!"
The girls particularly liked the “Barbie” song, Elijah and Kiera continually selected “The Chipmunks – Sing a Simple Song".  (The children now know how to turn on the player, twist the knob to select the tracks they desire and turn the volume up and down).

Some danced

                                               Mikayla, Tayla, Ciara, Grace and Solomon
Cooper on the piano.   Grace, Tayla and Mikayla dance while Finley observes.
                                         Now Finley and Cameo join in while Zane watches

Tayla sang...
 Others played instruments
Cameo on the shakers

                                                                 Tiana on the triangle

 Emily on the triangle.

The piano 'rockers'

Zac and Cooper

                                                  Cooper, Finley and the swinger - Zac
While others sang and partied .....

Solomon and Boston discard the drums and poi's to just move to the music.

                                                                        Grace is swinging!


                                                              Solomon picks up the poi again.

                                                                          Marshall enjoyed it too!

We don't tend to have structured music sessions - musical instruments are available for children to use at any time.  It is awesome to hear the beat of the drums and notice that many of the children are "increasing their ability to keep a steady beat" (Te Whariki Communication Strand. Goal 4).  
Through music, children take an inner experience and move it into a shared creative experience, it  involves an expression of feelings. Children often do not have the words to express themselves and need positive ways to release their emotions. Music is a language and children are born to communicate. It evokes movement, and children delight in and require movement for their development and growth,  through these 'jam' and dance sessions the children accomplish this.

Documented by Karen.

Thursday 24th July

Oh wow, the morning had hardly begun and the lads had the drums out and the music on!


Baron joined Boston, Solomon and Zane with the drums.
Ciara had the perfect "We will Rock You" stamp and clap - I think the Watson family must to it at home!

Declan hit the piano while Ciara stamped it out.
Liam rocked...

Ciara and Declan changed instruments to hand drums

Lila took over the piano
Isabella and Ruby boogie together
Tayla sings on her soap box again while Ryan listens to the lyrics.
Finley and Ellie dance... do Lila and Erin.
Logan plays the triangle
Solomon twangs his guitar .... does Toby.
Baron has a chuckle.
Ellie picks up on the piano.
Ethan and Toby keep the beat going.

                                                          Declan turns his hand to the drums

and Logan joins him.
Yet another loud, boisterous and contagious music morning enjoyed by many.


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