Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Glamorgan Kindergarten's "Crazy Hair" Disco 2014: "Tonight's going to be a good, good night...."

The annual Glamorgan Kindergarten Disco with the crazy hair theme. Every year, we see an array of very crazy hair. Well done everyone. You all looked fantastic.  Thank you to our committee for setting up and organizing the raffles, the food, drinks, spot prizes and all the other things that go into making a great night. Thanks parents for coming along with your children and making that crazy hair happen.  We had a lot of fun and even had the fire alarm go off when the smoke machine set it off. Added to the excitement
Acacia. Such colourful hair....

Hard to tell who is who. Ellie, Lisa, Zoe and Zac.

Grace, Jakey and Tiana

The big boys and the little boys with Tayla close to her brother Ari

Acacia and Toby

The older girls 

And some even older girls. Very energetic...

Ethan and Kayla

Karen and Isabella

Rebecca and Madison.

Karena and Molly

Great music. You hit the spot, DJ John!

Abigail and her cousin - Jocelyn. "Frozen" gear was a popular choice for the evening's event.

and the 'good' fairy!

A social occasion: Acacia, Isabella and Ruby.

Ciara and Lila. Look at that rainbow hair!

Big brother Jackson, showing us how its done.

Maya, showing elegance in every occasion.

So trendy Jiahe! 

Those finger lights proved more popular than dancing. Great hair, Juani

Seth always smiling. Lucky you could find hair in your favourite colour.

Ellie with mum. Love the crown...

The girls: Katrina, Tayla, Grace, Eva, Isabella

Cool dude, Marshall.

Liam with his red hair giving mum a hug...

Look at those dance moves!


Mathilda. Sorry Oscar, we did not manage to get a pic of you.

Ethan, the king of floor moves. Most impressive...

Zac. Now where is Cooper?

Serious conversation going on here. Keira, Mitchell and Ethan.

Molly having a dance with mum.

Hello Delphina!

Great dancing girls. Madison, Tessa and Ciara.

Getting ready to "Let it go, let it go..." 

Lisa getting rid of some of that energy...

Serious business this-comparing finger lights.  Elijah and Juani

Elijah and Mitchell

Nan letting her hair down.

O la la. Tres chic. Zoe and Erin.

Erin and Mathilda...

Is that you under all that hair Finley?

A great little dancer. Lovely moves Grace.

Isabella showing her flair.

Robyn and Lace

Ciara and Lila

Lila and mum Emma.

Really getting into it now.... Madison, Tessa and Tiana

Seraiah and Charlize. Perfectly matched outfits! 

The Glamour Girls. Nan, Karen and Chrissy.

Pretty pink hair.

And still dancing...

Toby, looking pretty cool.

Zac. Cool dude. Love the shoes as well!

Mum showing Zane how its really done!

Well that's it for another Disco. Sure you all slept well that night!

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