Monday, 18 February 2013

The progress continues....

The playground continues to develop and so does the children's interest. Children notice the builders using their ear muffs to protect their ears, and so the boys also don their safety gear as the builders use their loud saws and grinders. 

These boys are totally absorbed in the experience of the building project and wearing the ear muffs too, gives them the feeling of being apart of it, as it happens.

The children love to be really close to the work as it happens.
Wynter has pulled his chair right up close
to the fence
Sadie decides that's a good idea and moves her chair
closer to the fence as well.
 These children are all ready for learning as they observe and notice everything that is happening around them.
They are questioning, making links and connections as they recall previous experiences they may have had.  They are building their learning power!  
Have you had any interesting conversations with your child about what's happening at Kindergarten?
Please make a comment and share it with us.  Your feedback is important to us.

 Out comes all the equipment, don all the safety gear, hats, glasses, and ear muffs.
Fill up the builders apron with nails, measuring tape, hammer and level....

now we are ready to work!


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  1. The children have been most inspired by the builders at kindergarten