Monday, 18 February 2013

What an exciting start to 2013 with the upgrade of our new playground!  

While we were all on holiday over the Christmas period, the landscape builders had been busy deconstructing our old playground and preparing to build a completely new one. The teachers popped by periodically to take photos to share with all the children.  Fencing was erected to keep everyone safe, and this also meant children could still use the sandpit and wild area and while observing what has been happening each day as the building process develops. 

 We have had a variety of machinery, tools and materials being used and laid by carpenters, landscapers and other tradesmen.  The children have been inspired to contribute to small discussion groups and also share their knowledge and ideas during mat times. 
Builder Adam is using a rotary hoe, most children had never seen one of these.

 Each day there has been something new happening which children have been able to view from both inside and outside.
The teachers have supported this interest by engaging in conversations,  encouraging children to ask questions, share their ideas, viewpoints and knowledge with others, think about what they think might happen next, or what is that machine used for or what is the purpose of that tool?    


The children have noticed something interesting happening through the window and Chrissy is supporting their conversation and encouraging them to share their ideas.
Below is the view through the window - a tip truck delivering a pack of wood.


  1. This Blog space is fantastic, now I can check in from work during the week to see what Ethan is up to and what’s happening at Kindy during the week too, thanks for this Leanne and Glamorgan Kindy!!