Sunday, 24 February 2013

The sandpit shed is on the move!

The sandpit shed is on the move!

The landscape builders, Dan, Rob and Adam were ready to move the shed, but unfortunately it was a Friday afternoon and none of the children were here to witness it.  So we have a couple of photos for you to share with your children at home.

First Dan used the chainsaw to cut the legs at the base.  Hopefully you will be able to see this on the video.

Then they put ropes around the top and middle and pushed and  pulled the shed till its doors were flat into the sand. 
Then a pipe and other large pieces of wood were put underneath so that it could move over them.  Bit by little bit, the 3 men used all their strength to push and pull once again (which took quite a while) until the whole shed was moved over to the edge.
Once in position, the builders used ropes, crow bars and long pieces of wood to slide the shed down to the new sandpit and place in position.  It wasn't easy... the teachers seemed more nervous than the builders were with visions of someone being squashed, but it eventually slipped  into place, just as planned.   




  1. This was amazing to watch on a Friday afternoon. Our builders have become such a valued part of our kindergarten. Willing to stop and chat, show the children what the building tools are for. (Chrissy)