Sunday, 24 February 2013

There is a digger in our sandpit!

There is a digger in our sandpit!

 What an exciting Friday we had when a digger arrived and started to excavate our sandpit and some of our wild area.
The children where totally absorbed in watching the concrete steps being uplifted, and wooden edging of the sandpit being dismantled and all the sand being moved into the other sandpit into a mountainous pile.

Wow its so close!

This is a learning experience that has once again, provided wonderful opportunities for discussion with children.


 Dayne and Daniel keen a good eye on what the digger is doing, which way it turns, and how long the bucket reaches.


The children watch as a chain is tied to the end of the bucket to help lift the poles right out of the ground.
There are sounds of amazement from the children along with lots of ideas about what's happening. 
Children are always showing us what powerful learners they are as they absorb everything that happens around and in front of them.  They are seeing, sensing and listening, recognising and noticing, thinking, making connections, evaluating, and building on their knowledge and developing their own theories.   This building project has been an invaluable learning experience for us all in various different ways.  

Have you had any conversation at home with your child about the exciting changes that are happening to our outdoor environment or any other happenings?  Tell us about them!
Please feel free to  leave any comments below, we love to hear your feedback.

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