Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Digger Adventure 24th June

Juani has been doing some exciting earthworks at his home.  Lucky for us his whanau live across the road from Kindergarten and we were invited to take a small group of children over to watch the machines in action.
We congregated at the gate and then orderly walked down the footpath, over the road and down the drive. 
We had to clamber over a pile of clay and up onto the deck to watch the proceedings.  To begin with there was nothing happening – the digger sat idle and the ’tipper’ was somewhere up the drive. 


Then we heard the rumble, rumble of a motor coming closer – the ‘tipper’ appeared from the side of the house and captured our attention.
A large bucket of clay was dumped over the brink of the retaining wall. 
The glass door opened, out stepped the driver who jumped over the edge of the wall and scaled up and into the waiting digger. 

 He started it up and launched it into movement.  Wow! 


 The large bucket on the front was used to move and spread the dirt about.  Over and over, back and forward the digger went.  It was yellow too!

Another man climbed into the tipper and returned for another load of soil. 


We surveyed the proceedings for 15 minutes or so until a fresh load of soil was being delivered and deposited on the driveway – our way of escape so sadly it was time to head off back to Kindergarten.

Thank you, Juani and family for sharing and including us in the excitement at your house.

By Karen

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