Sunday, 22 June 2014

Surprise visit from Dale

Dale popped into the kindergarten to visit us unexpectedly - what a surprise it was!
It is lovely to see that she has arrived back safely and that she thoroughly enjoyed her long overseas trip.

Dale brought a lovely morning tea for the teachers and stayed the whole morning to spend time with the children.

At the end of mat-time, we presented Dale with her amazing book of treasured memories at Glamorgan. Dale absolutely loved it and said she would take time to sit down with a cup of tea and read it through with a tissue in hand.

Thank you to all the families who contributed to this book for Dale which made it so very special. It was lovely to see so many heart felt messages of thanks and the individual and thoughtful creativeness by each individual family and the children from both present and past.
Also thank you to the Lisa and Louise and the committee members who organised the book.

The teachers spoke to Dale regarding organising a small low key celebration of her retirement, however she was quite definate that she didn't want any fuss and therefore we respect her wishes and have left it at that. 

We wish Dale all the best for her future in retirement and now with lots of time to enjoy her family and time doing the things that she loves, such gardening and lots more travel.

Keep an eye out there ... you might see Dale out in the community, probably at your local cafĂ© enjoying good quality coffee!!

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